1209171510 Film2 1

14kt Two Tone Snake Chain Necklace

14kt white and yellow diamond cut round snake chain. The yellow snake  chain has diamond cut white gold snaked around  the entire chain.

1.0 mm

Lobster clasp

16 inch $269.95

18 inch $279.95

20 inch $299.95


                                                                                                                  1009171256 Film2 1

                                                                                      14KT DIAMOND CUT OVALINA NECKLACE

14kt  unique diamond cut Ovalina necklace. Oval diamond cut beads throughout the necklace. Gorgeous by itself or wear it with a  diamond cut pendant to bring out the brilliance in your piece. Day or night. 


lobster clasp

16 inches $319.95

18 inches $349.95



1009171250 Film2 1                                                                            14KT SEMI PRECIOUS TOPAZ MULTI STONE NECKLACE   

14KT colorful semi precious Topaz necklace. This stunning jewel is sure to turn heads with multiple colors on one necklace!

Timeless treasure.

Lobster clasp

Stones are approx. 1/4 inch wide

17 inches $319.95

22 inches $339.95

24 inches $349.95.


                                                             1209171557b Film2 1

14kt  Diamond Cut  Yellow Six Sided Snake Chain 

Our most popular chain we have ever had. The 14kt six sided snake chain. This  diamond cut chain has 6 sides and lots of shine. Sell those old round snake chains and get a 6 sided diamond cut snake chain. Any charm you put on this chain will make it sparkle.

Available in white also

Lobster clasp

1.4 mm

16 inches $269.95

18 inches $289.95

20 inches $299.95

22 inches $349.95

24 inches $399.95

30 inches $469.95


                                                                                                                1209171604b Film2 1    

                                                                      14KT WHITE GOLD DIAMOND CUT SIX SIDED SNAKE CHAIN

Our most popular chain we have ever had. The 14kt white gold diamond cut 6 sided snake chain. Not the old round snake chain..sell those and get this 6 sided snake chain.  Lots of sparkle and perfect for any charm.

Available in yellow also

Lobster clasp

16 inches $269.95

18 inches $299.95

20 inches $359.95

24 inches $399.95

30 inches $499.95

                                                                                                                    1221171557a Film2 1                                                                                                                 


                                                                                 14KT TRI COLOR DIAMOND CUT BEAD NECKLACE

Delightful  14kt white and yellow and rose diamond cut bead necklace. An every day necklace or pair it with a shimmering top for evening.

Approx. 5mm wide beads

Lobster clasp

Matching earrings and bracelet available

Bit over 18 inches



                                                                                                    1014171344 Film2 1                                                                          14KT DIAMOND CUT WHITE ROUND OMEGA NECKLACE

Gorgeous 14kt white sparkling diamond cut Omega necklace. Omegas fit for a more stiff look and contour to your neck.

Wear alone or with any charm you want to sparkle.


1.5 MM




                                                                                                                          1219171326 Film2 1                                                                                                                     1219171328 Film2 1

                                                                                    14KT WHITE SIDE WAYS ANCHOR  NECKLACE

                                                                                                     Adjusts 16 to 18 inches

                                                                                         Anchor is a bit under 3/4th of an inch wide 

Anchors are a symbol for strength. Any ocean and boat lover would adore this 14kt white gold sideways ANCHOR necklace.


                                                                                                                  1228171659a Film2 2                                                                                                                            1228171659a Film2 1                                                         

14kt  Diamond Cut Horse Shoe Necklace

14kt yellow gold and diamond cut Horse Shoe necklace. Any horse lover would love this necklace. The horse shoe is a symbol for good luck!!

18 1/2 inches

Horse shoe is approx. 15 mm wide and 19 mm long 






                                                                                                                        1014171055 Film2 1                                                                                     14KT YELLOW DIAMOND CUT LUMACHINA NECKLACE

14KT sparkling diamond cut Lumachina necklace. Add sparkle to any of your light weight charms with the Lumachina necklace.

.9 mm

Lobster Clasp

Available in white gold also

16 inch  $149.95

18 inch $159.95

20 inch $189.95

24 inch $199.95



                                                                                          1014171051 Film2 1                                                                              14KT WHITE DIAMOND CUT LUMACHINA NECKLACE

14KT white sparkling diamond cut Lumachina necklace. Add sparkle to any  light weight charm with the Lumachina necklace.

.9 mm

Lobster clasp 

Available in yellow gold also

16 inch $149.95

18 inch $169.95

20 inch $189.95

24 inch  $199.95



 0209181550a Film2 1 10209181550a Film2 1

                                                                                   14KT DELICATE TWO TONE NAUTICAL NECKLACE 

Sweet and delicate  14kt white and yellow gold double Starfish and Sanddollar  nautical necklace.

Wear this beauty to remind you of your beach vacations.

Approx. 19 inches. Additional sizes 1-2 weeks

Bottom part is almost 1 inch long    

Spring ring clasp





                                                                                                                1212171450a Film2 1                                                                                                                             1212171451 Film2 1

                                                            14KT WHITE AND YELLOW GOLD  TWO SEA HORSES KISSING NECKLACE

Enchanting 14kt two tone two Sea Horses necklace. Sea horses symbolize protection  good luck and

  contentment . Perfect gift for a loved one.

Spring ring clasp.

Light Singapore Necklace.

Approx. 18 3/4 inches long

Sea horses are approx. 16 mm wide and 15mm long




                                                                                                                            1028171744 Film2 1                                                               14KT TWO TONE SUN WATER AND DOLPHINS SUNSET  HEART NECKLACE

Florida beach and ocean lovers will adore this divine necklace. Two playful dolphins set on top of a heart with a yellow sun and white gold water.

Delicate Singapore chain for an eye catching jewel.

Spring ring clasp.

Approx. 18 3/4 inches long

Pendant is a bit under 3/4 inches wide




                                                                                                           0208181552 Film2 1                                                                                                        

                                                                                 14KT WEAVE HIGH POLISHED NECKLACE  

14KT new stylish weave pendant on a box chain. I have never had in the store..brand new look!

Wear daily shopping or for a special night out.

Spring clasp.

Matching ring and earrings available.

Approx. 20 inches long. Additional lengths available 1-2 weeks.

Weave piece is approx. 1/4  of an inch wide and 2 inches long.




1028171749 Film2 1                                                                                    14KT OPEN HIGH POLISHED BUTTERLY NECKLACE

Delicate and feminine Butterfly necklace with a Singapore chain. Butterflies are a symbol of joy and hope.

Approx 16 3/4 inches long

Spring ring clasp

The Butterfly is open and is a bit under 3/4 inches wide.