1207171231a Film2 114kt TWO TONE SWIRL RING
14kt two tone white and yellow gold SWIRL ring.
Stylish ring that can be worn day or night and timeless.
Size 6 1/2. Additional sizes 1-2 weeks.
Approx. 19 mm wide and 7 mm long
                                           1208171456 Film2 1                                                    


Stunning 14kt white and yellow gold sparkling diamond cut filigree ring.

Can be worn daily or for that special night out.

Approx 15 mm wide and 18 mm long

Size 7. Additional sizes 1-2 weeks


                                                                                                             0209181517 Film2 1                                                                                                   0209181517b Film2 1                                                                                            14KT HIGH POLISHED WEAVE RING

!4kt WEAVE ring with a high polished finish.  The perfect every day  stylish ring.

Matching necklace and earrings available.

Approx. 6mm wide




                                                                     1208171453a Film2 1

                                                             14KT LARGE YELLOW WITH A TOUCH OF ROSE GOLD LEAF RING

   The yellow gold leaf is approx. 1 inch long and has a rose gold strip down the middle.

The leaf is a symbol for growth.

 Size 7. Additional sizes available. 1-2 weeks for different size.


                                                                         1208171458a Film2 1

                                                                                     14KT TWO TONE SATIN LEAF RING

        Leaf size is approx. 1/2 inch long and is a symbol for growth.

        6 1/2 size. Additional sizes available .  1-2 weeks for different size.. 



                                                              1017171717 Film2 1


                                                                                                 14KT DIAMOND CUT ANGEL RING

Angels are a symbol for strength and love and light shining from above. This detailed 14kt diamond cut Angel ring is also a symbol for protection.

The Angel is approx. 1/2 inch wide

Size 7. Additional sizes take 1-2 weeks.


                                                                  1009171533 Film2 1

                                                                                                 14KT DIAMOND CUT TURTLE RING

Turtles are a symbol for good health and long life.  A perfect gift for an animal lover.

The diamond cut  turtle is approx. 1/2 inch wide.

Size 6 1/2. 1-2 weeks for additional sizes.


                                                        1009171536 Film2 1                                                                                                             1009171537 Film2 1

                                                                                                14KT LARGE MOTHER OF PEARL RING

Mother Of Pearl is also known as NACRE. This large stunning ring is a symbol for prosperity. 1 inch wide and it adjusts in the back.

Size 7


                                                                                                             0910181355a Film2 1 1                                                                                               14KT TWO TONE WAVE RING

14kt white and yellow gold diamond cut wave ring. The perfect every day ring!!


Size 7-additional sizes available and takes 1-2 weeks

Approx. 9 mm long and 19mm wide



                                                                             1209171344b Film2 1

                                                                                         14KT ROUND CUBIC ZIRCONIA  RING

      Stone is approx. 1/4 of an inch. Much less than a diamond and with so much sparkle. No one will ever know!!

    Size 7. Additional sizes available. 1-2 weeks for different size


                                                                                         1208171501a Film2 1

                                                                                   14KT TRI COLOR DIAMOND CUT PLUMERIA RING

                                                                                             Middle flower is approx. 1/4 of an inch

                                                                     Size 6 3/4. Additional sizes are available. 1-2 weeks for different size. $179.95


                                                                                                                1101171529 Film2 1                                                                                     14KT TWO TONE NAUTICAL SHELL RING 

Eye catching white and yellow gold nautical shell ring in 14kt. Large white gold Starfish (Sea Star) in the middle. Detailed star fish scallop and sand dollars around the large starfish in the middle.

Beach and shell lovers  will wish for this ring!!

Size 6 3/4 . Additional sizes are available. 1-2 weeks for different size.



                                                                                                                      1207171234c Film2 1                                                                          14KT TWO TONE STAR FISH AND SAND DOLLAR RING


14KT white and yellow gold nautical shell ring. Yellow gold starfish with white gold sand dollar.

Beach memories will be with you each time you look at this sweet and delicate ring.

Size 7. Additional sizes 1-2 weeks.


Shells are approx. 12 mm wide


1207171234b Film2 1

                                                                  14KT TWO TONE SCALLOP SHELL AND STAR FISH SEA STAR NAUTICAL RING

Adorable addition to your nautical beach jewelry.  Delicate white and yellow gold 14kt shell ring . Perfect for daily wear.

Shells are approx. 12 mm wide

Size 7. Additional sizes 1-2 weeks.




                                                                                                           1017171711 Film2 1                                                                                         14KT WHITE OPEN SIDE WAYS CROSS BAND RING

14kt white gold band with a  side ways open cross .

Approx 5mm wide band

Size 8 3/4


                                                                                                 1209171348a Film2 1

                                                                                                 14KT WHITE OPEN FLOWER RING

Delicate and oh so sweet 14kt white gold flower ring. Perfect ring for daily use.

Approx 1/2 inch wide and 1/2 inch long

Size 7. Additional sizes 1-2 weeks.



                                                                                   1209171359b Film2 1

                                 14KT LARGE TWO TONE FILIGREE FLOWER RING

Grand yellow filigree floral ring with white diamond cut middle.

20 mm wide and a size 7.

Additional sizes take 1-2 weeks